3 days ago · @klaw · ovarian clear cell carcinoma treatments

looking for experience with treatments [...]

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1 day ago · @kathyr · Anyone suffering from neuropathy?

Good afternoon, ladies. I seem to remember someone talking about neuropathy, and the value of B12 vs B Complex. I have neuropathy in my feet. I tried acupuncture. I got a nice restful nap during the treatment, but not much relief. I am currently taking Neurontin (gabapentin). I get [...]

Posted by @laray, 1 day ago

I had severe neuropathy during standard chemo. A very helpful nurse on my team recommended L-glutamine powder, available at GNC and other places, and it worked very well for me. Gave me great relief! […]

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5 days ago · @poli · Any updates on personalized ovarian cancer vaccine using the tumor

Are there any centers that currently have an active program using a vaccine for the ovarian cancer's own genomic profile ? [...]

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3 days ago · @kathyr · Hernia repair

Good morning! Just wondering if anyone has developed a hernia from their surgery. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy in March, 2017. This hernia I have is morphing in to quite a biggie, ( I know I mentioned it in another post, but I forget whose post I was [...]

Posted by @kathyr, 3 days ago

I’m about 8 months out of chemo, but I do get the Avastin infusion. I understand what he is saying about the possibility of chemo and worrying about the hernia, should it act up and need repair.
Thanks for the thoughts! I appreciate it […]

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4 days ago · @sloladyb · xeloda

I just started Xeloda, anyone have any advice for me. [...]

Posted by @carolcowan, 4 days ago

I'm Carol, a moderator here. People seem to tolerate Xeloda well. It's great that it's a pill and not an infusion. Some people who are taking it continue to work! I think skin problems are something to watch for, use mild soaps and lotion to keep your skin from […]

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16 hours ago · @susanmorgan · Surveillance after chemo

I am about to finish my 6 rounds of chemo and my onc has said she wants me to go into surveillance. I was diagnosed 12/5/17 3c. Has anyone had this suggested? Thank you. I am so grateful for finding this forum. [...]

Posted by @kline, 16 hours ago

The one ting that cancer does to all of us, is make us worry about every little ache, pain or pressure. Before cancer we usually dismissed those things as part of life unless they lasted several days. Now we think has it come back. You'll get over it, but it […]

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5 days ago · @darcyl06 · difference of opinion VERY LONG

So its been a bit since I first posted. I had an ovarian cyst that the doctors just "knew" was a benign endometrioma turn out to be malignant grade 1 ovarian endometrial adenocarcinoma, and spilled during removal. I'm only 34 so they were pretty surprised. I had my first appointment with [...]

Posted by @sherryann, 5 days ago

Pat, well said as usual. Amen to that advice.
Sherryann […]

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Tue, Apr 17 9:19pm · @mommaburgoon · nutrition

Ok, now that I have been asking questions like crazy...one more...Just a balanced diet, or go crazy managing everything that goes into my body and drive myself nuts? thanks Basically, how do you eat? [...]

Posted by @beglad28, Tue, Apr 17 9:19pm

I didn't know that about cortisol. Wow, even more reason to avoid stress! […]

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1 day ago · @tgili · Back pain from bone Mets

Hi Looking for opinions on ice or heat ? For back pain due to bone Mets Thank you [...]

Posted by @jlpm77777, 1 day ago

Thanks, for the advice. […]

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12 hours ago · @mmont · CA125

Hello all, I went to my 2nd opinion appointment yesterday. The Oncologist decided to check my ca125. Back in February, it was 16, yesterday it was 21.2. Is it normal for it to go up a some after chemo? Does it mean the cancer is lurking somewhere? [...]

Posted by @pat1601, 12 hours ago


Remember, I'm not part of the medical community…. This is just my opinion. I think there is something wrong.

First… Glad you are comfortable with your GYN/ONC!! Although, I don't understand why no Scan, because your CA-125 appears to be rising. It would seem to me that […]

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Tue, Apr 17 7:33am · @takemyovariesplease · Neutropenia

Hello...this is my first post. I've just been introduced to the roller coaster nature of chemo treatment. I finished my first round with a CA125 of 40, which felt wonderful! My doctor said it's a good prognostic indicator for me. So I was motivated for the next round to [...]

Posted by @tlvanhorn, Tue, Apr 17 7:33am

Congratulations on your NED. I am currently going through my 2nd line of chemo. I originally started in December of 2016 and my last treatment was March 30, 2017. Unfortunately, I started my second line in January of this year and my last chemo treatment is scheduled for May 11th. […]

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1 day ago · @lcondon · Zejula

Hi all, Saw the oncologist yesterday and am currently NED again. (Yay). He wants to start me on the PARP inhibitor, Zejula to slow down the progression of the disease. Anyone on it or been on it? Wondering what your experience with it was? Thanks loads, Linda [...]

Posted by @carolcowan, 1 day ago

MD Anderson is one of the 5 best cancer treatment centers in the US. I'd say it's a great place to go for a second opinion.
Carol […]

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Tue, Apr 10 1:44pm · @lashio · Collagen

Anyone have experience with collagen powder? I have a lot of joint pain post chemo and with menopause and read it’s really helpful. [...]

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Wed, Apr 11 7:50pm · @darcyl06 · Doctor visit

I’m 34, single, no children. Saw the onc/gyno today for the first time. Said my endometrioid adenocarcinoma grade 1 was likely also stage 1 due to age and other health. Said he’d like to do biopsies tomorrow as he has a cancellation. He didn’t give me any options on chemo [...]

Posted by @pat1601, Wed, Apr 11 7:50pm


My information was given to me by my ONC/GYN. Try calling the office and asking them if they can give you some information.

American Cancer Society should also be able to give you information and point you toward any stores/resources in your area. Don't be afraid to […]

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2 days ago · @mommaburgoon · second opinion

I am thinking of getting a second opinion from Dana Farber, even though I live in Ohio. I am 8 years out, but feel like I am just a number anymore where I go for appts. WOuld anyone else do this so far out, or just roll the dice and [...]

Posted by @charles, 2 days ago

Historically physicians have looked mainly at first degree relatives as a concern, mainly as a decision point to test for the BRCA gene. The point of understanding is hereditary factors is to define risk for the patients and other family members in order to make appropriate interventions and treatment decisions. […]

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