15 minutes ago · @bbell · Avastin

I know several of my sister's responded to me about this drug and I appreciate it.However I start next month and I am scared. I read so many horrible side effects including heart failure. So scared! [...]

Posted by @bbell, 15 minutes ago

Thank you so much. I hope to tolerate it. […]

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1 day ago · @turbo · Lynparza

My recent Pet Scan for ovarian cancer with BRCA 2 mutation showed no activity and my doctor would like me to start Lynparza to delay recurrence. I have stage 4, grade 3 ovarian cancer only because the markers on biopsy suggest it with no known masses evident. It showed up [...]

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3 days ago · @smm32 · Rash/ bumps

I’ve had this mysterious rash or defined bumps appear on my torso, legs, and arms. Just curious if anyone experienced this before being diagnosed. My doctor called me the most interesting patient of the week. Not sure that’s a title I want. He ran some labs and prescribed steroids and [...]

Posted by @pinkee, 3 days ago

I also had mysterious little red pin hole bumps on my forearm then my legs. Never had that before diagnosis. I put cortisone and benedryl on and they seemed ok. But I must say every day is an adventure or a new development with this illness

Wishing you well […]

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3 days ago · @amyjoheavin · Maintenance Avastin

I was wondering how many out there are on this, if so how long have you been. Or if you had been on it how long were you on it. ( why did you stop) Thank you, A. [...]

Posted by @sroch3032, 3 days ago

I just completed my second dose of maintenance Avastin with little or no side effects. I was also getting it with my last round of Carbo/Gemsa infusions. My oncologist now wants me to switch to Lynparza. Stay strong Teal Warrior! […]

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3 days ago · @djr1102 · MRI guided breast biopsy experience?

Went for u/s and bilateral biopsies yesterday but they were unsuccessful finding 4mm & 6mm masses. Interesting because my initial bx that diagnosed my cancer was 3mm......anyway......so now I’m scheduled for bilateral MRI guided biopsy. Just wondering if anyone has anything to say about that procedure? Now this pathology report [...]

Posted by @ann403, 3 days ago

I’d gone to Windsong for many years and never had a problem until my last appointment. The radiologist I saw was quite snippy in her attitude and showed zero empathy for someone who probably had cancer. She told me that she didn’t
say I had cancer but I was […]

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1 day ago · @sroch3032 · Lynparza

My gyne/oncologist is recommending I start Lynparza. I am currently on maintenance Avastin every three weeks. Any Teal sisters have any experience or advice for taking Lynparza? Thanks and stay strong! [...]

Posted by @sroch3032, 1 day ago

I totally agree about the stress of our medical costs! I hope I can find some financial help like you did for the Lynparza! Stay strong, Teal Warrior! […]

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6 days ago · @lcondon · Doxcil

First recurrence of OV3C after 18 month remission - check, Surgery to remove tumor and 2 lymph nodes - check, pathology report shows metastatic cancer in lymph node - check, Got my staples out day before yesterday - check, incision popped open a bit yesterday got it steri-stripped shut again [...]

Posted by @bernlo58, 6 days ago

Hi, I was originally diagnosed in September 2015, surgery and then 6 rounds of Carbo/Taxol every 3 weeks. I was fortunate with very few side effects, but I also still have the neuropathy in my feet. 1st occurence was in October 2016, several spots on the liver and then I […]

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Tue, Nov 14 8:35am · @snewtjohn · Anyone had pulmonary embolisms with Ibrance and Letrozole?

I was in a trial for Ibrance for 2 years. After it ended, I had blood clots in both lungs. The doctor does not think it was drug related, but I do. Anyone else had clots? [...]

Posted by @charles, Tue, Nov 14 8:35am

I have also not heard of this occurring as a result of these drugs but it should be reported as an adverse event to the FDA if it happened while on a clinical trial. Its important to note however that blood clotting the legs and lungs can happen for many […]

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Sun, Nov 12 5:19pm · @cancerconnect · Webinar on Coping with Fear of Recurrence Now Available!

https://youtu.be/YIx9TE8zCHM [...]

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3 hours ago · @lauryjean · To Work or Not

I think my sister feels put upon due to being left with the extraordinarily stressful job of preparing my parents' house for sale. My dear parents passed away within eight months of each other, my father having passed only eight weeks ago, two weeks before the discovery of my reoccurence. [...]

Posted by @pittmom, 3 hours ago

Dear Pat,
You always know what to say. As much as we hate being in this group, I love that you are one of us. Thank you! And to all teal sisters, have a great holiday! For the first time in many years, I am not doing anything so plan […]

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1 day ago · @mjones · Side effects of carboplatin and taxol

Arrived to Oncology Office for visit, Sun seemed to hit me prior to entering bldg and I immediately felt weak all over, had to learn on counter to sign in. I entered elevator to go to second floor but couldn't remember if I pushed button or not before passing out [...]

Posted by @mjones, 1 day ago

Thanks for all the support and for sharing info that may help […]

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Sun, Nov 12 7:08pm · @pinkee · Elevated WBC

My WBC has risen to 12.7. Oncologist not concerned. I note my neutrophils have tripled from 4,400 to 11,700 and eosinophils are low. Can't reach anyone at the oncologist office nurse said results were pertfect except WBC a little high. Don't know who to call? I'm concerned about the sudden [...]

Posted by @pinkee, Sun, Nov 12 7:08pm

Thank you so much for the time and information. I will speak to the oncologist tomorrow. My biggest concern was the big increase in neutrophils. I’ll see what he says about that. That little known word “Recurrence” always knocks on the door!!

Thank you once again

Denise […]

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6 days ago · @littleme47 · foods that cause excessive gas

I have stage 4 metastatic adenocarcinoma which has spread to the stomach from primary ovarian cancer. What foods should I eat to help control excessive gas and bloating? [...]

Posted by @littleme47, 6 days ago

Thanks Wendy for the info. I eat the same as you and have discovered my problem; Muscle Milk! It says “non-dairy” but have found out the protein is from whey, which is definitely milk. I stopped drinking it and am so much better. Thank goodness I really like chicken and […]

Liked by WendyD

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Mon, Nov 13 2:59am · @pinkee · Elevated white blood count

Good evening I asked my oncologist to do a CBC as I'm so exhausted all the time. He said I may be anemic. Well no one got back to me with results. I called the office and the nurse said my results were perfect. However my WBC was 12.7. She [...]

Posted by @michellel, Mon, Nov 13 2:59am

My sister was exhausted and very grey, turned out her hemoglobin levels had dropped and anaemic, she was given 2 bags of red blood cells immediately and her colour came back. Still waiting for energy to rise, said 2 days after she will be very tired, then should feel better. […]

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Sat, Nov 11 10:21pm · @djr1102 · Just diagnosed, anyone with a change in diagnosis after MRI?

Hi, I’m new here.....unfortunately. Just diagnosed last week with a small grade 1 invasive ductal carcinoma. Now I just had MRI report showing 2 more suspicious masses, 1 on EACH side, larger than my diagnosed mass. Scheduled for bilateral u/s and biopsies on the 14th. I’ve had one appointment with [...]

Posted by @djr1102, Sat, Nov 11 10:21pm

Thank you for your story. You have gone through a lot. I hope your recent scans come back in a good way.
One thing that has me very nervous is how often this cancer seems to rear its ugly head. I want to make a good decision from the start […]

Liked by Meromaine

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