1 hour ago · @dbarats · Treatment for Hot Flashes

I was treated for Ovarian Cancer last year and had a complete hysterectomy. Since then, I have been dealing with terrible hot flashes. My cancer doctor recommend Black Cohosh, but when I researched it, I surprisingly found out you shouldn't take it if you have Ovarian Cancer. I'm really hoping [...]

Posted by @cnancy, 1 hour ago

dbarats – I took evening primrose oil during menopause for hot flashes & it helped tremendously. I recommended it to a friend for the same reason but it didn’t help her so I guess we are all different. There’s a March 30, 2016 post re evening primrose oil by Memorial […]

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2 days ago · @jfallon7 · Head pressure

Has anyone experienced extreme head pressure/fluid as a side effect of chemo (Taxol, Herceptin)? [...]

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3 days ago · @caroldrake · Clinical Trial not working feeling discouraged

I found out today that my CT scan shows progression of disease. I have been participating in a clinical trial using nivulomab and Avastin. It has been a rough 10 days as I went in for an infusion on September 6, but my pancreatic and liver enzymes were elevated so [...]

Posted by @cnancy, 3 days ago

Amen Carol. Prayers & positive thoughts for all of our teal sisters! […]

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2 days ago · @lfrank · Metastatic Breast Cancer Forum will be held at Dana-Farber Oct 21

The 2017 Metastatic Breast Cancer Forum will be held at Dana-Farber in Boston on October 21, 2017 from 9:00-4:00. This educational event for patient and families is complimentary. For program and registration information, go to: Http://mbcforum2017.eventbrite.com. Questions? call 617-632-2195 or email: EMBRACE@partners.org. [...]

Posted by @rrso, 2 days ago

i don’t live in the united states so i won’t be coming to the forum. i wonder if you have any reading materials i could benefit from and if you don’t mind, sending them to me. i have stage 4 bc. was on navelbine for 7 months and all tumors, […]

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Fri, Sep 15 6:52am · @lizzie · Low Platelets after treatment

How long does it on average, if there is such a thing, for the platelets to reproduce after discontinuing zejula?? [...]

Posted by @charles, Fri, Sep 15 6:52am

Platelets counts should begin recovering immediately albeit gradually following discontinuation of Zejula or other PARP inhibitor drugs now increasingly used to treat Ovarian Cancer. Platelet recovery can also be impacted by how much overall damage has been done to the bone marrow from other chemotherapy or radiation that may have […]

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5 hours ago · @invinovita · Is eating normally possible? Debulking removed two-thirds of colon.

I was diagnosed with Stage IIIC ovarian cancer in mid-June after my debulking surgery. The cancer spread resulted in the surgeons having to remove two-thirds of my colon, spleen, and appendix - along with a few other bits here and there across my abdomen. Last week, I began the 3rd [...]

Posted by @kline, 5 hours ago

I did not have any of my bowel removed but in 2002 I had weight loss surgery in which more than 1/2 of my stomach was removed, I found that many of the woody vegetables I had previously loved were not digestible. There went broccoli. Also the skins on apples, […]

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5 hours ago · @Michelle316 · Chemo failures

Hi all, I was diagnosed 8/15 with OC(stage 3b). Had a reoccurrence in 12/16 after 9 month remission from first line chemo. Since then I have been on chemo, each time the chemo works immediately and my ca125 drop 80% after just the first treatment. Then after 3 months it [...]

Posted by @kline, 5 hours ago

My daughter in law’s mother had a very aggressive type of melanoma. She and I could talk about anything (even what we didn’t like about how our children cared for their children). We discussed dying in a way we couldn’t with anyone else. Her faith in God was very strong. […]

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3 days ago · @blackbear10 · As time draws near......my anxiety is crawling on my skin

My removal and staging is in just a couple of weeks the 28th......I am eating from nerves, bloating up, taking 80mg fureosimide.....everything causes my back to hurt, working 8 hours to keep my mind off things. I just went a week without my water pills and anxiety pills....I have been [...]

Posted by @kline, 3 days ago

Waiting is one of the difficult parts of this battle. Our minds are full of all sorts of possibilities and sleeping is difficult. Anger is a normal part of the process. Why me? What’s going to happen? How can I cope? etc. Life isn’t easy but you’ve come so very […]

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3 days ago · @gloriaebrown · Hampton Roads, Virginia

Greetings from Virginia. I am looking for fellow survivors and fighters in my area. We do not have a local chapter in the area and I am just looking to connect with others. [...]

Posted by @kline, 3 days ago

This a great place to met new women also dealing with OVC. I couldn’t find any here in Bakersfield, CA and this has been my meeting place. It’s been great for me. If you get a chance you might apply for the next Ovarian Cancer Retreat in Montana in January. […]

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Wed, Sep 13 7:29pm · @lizzie · Zejula side effects

My sister started zejula four weeks ago and was taken off last week due to a decrease in her platelets (now at 45K). Has anyone on this website been on zejula and had a similar experience, and if so, how long did it take for your platelets to increase and [...]

Posted by @lizzie, Wed, Sep 13 7:29pm

Thank you for your feedback, that helps. […]

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Wed, Sep 13 12:09pm · @carriereaves · zejula

Has anyone been prescribed zejula? [...]

Posted by @bernlo58, Wed, Sep 13 12:09pm

Yes, have been on it since mid-May after completing 6 rounds of Carbo/Doxil for a recurrence that came up in November. After chemo PET scan showed just one small spot left. Started at 300 mg. down to 100 mg. and it seems my body has finally accepted it. I had […]

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Mon, Sep 11 10:40am · @julpaul · High-grade serous epithelial OC with brain mets

Hi there. I'm wondering if anyone else on this medium has had the experience of an OC brain metastasis? I had a solitary brain met treated in 2016 with surgery and stereotactic radiation. Based on when the symptoms had started in fall of 2015, it's been nearly 2 years. I've [...]

Posted by @julpaul, Mon, Sep 11 10:40am

Oh – I should probably add that I was diagnosed stage IV in July of 2011. Had surgery and carbo/taxol that year, with no recurrence until the brain met. 😉 […]

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Tue, Sep 12 9:02pm · @swesthoff · Trial drug stopped working

The discussion title says it all. I went in to have my 7th infusion of HuMax-TF-ADC, the trial drug I was on, and also to get the results of my last CT and I was told the CT showed slight increase in size of a couple of my lymph nodes. [...]

Posted by @swesthoff, Tue, Sep 12 9:02pm

Update: went in way early this morning to start my long 1st day of the new trial but it’s amazing how quickly things can change. After giving them more blood, I went in to wait for my doctor. I saw the trial coordinator, then the nurse who took my vitals, […]

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Sun, Sep 17 9:13am · @jensi76 · Genetic testing

My mother and grandmother passed away from Ovarian Cancer. I would like to get the genetic testing done but i have received conflicting information. I not sure where to go to get the testing done and whether or not it's covered ny my insurance. I live in the New York [...]

Posted by @blackbear10, Sun, Sep 17 9:13am

My family has breast cancer and ovarian but we are brac1&2 negative…..we are KRAS VARIANT POSITIVE with “g” alles…..if you go to Mira kind.org they will send a kit directly to your house…..you don’t eat or drink anything for 30 minutes….then you collect saliva in a small container till it […]

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Sat, Sep 9 6:56pm · @tdeuseppi · BRAC2 positive

Hey girls, I got my genetic testing results back and am positive for BRAC2 mutation. I would like to discuss with others who are also positive what steps you have taken once you learned of your results. [...]

Posted by @tdeuseppi, Sat, Sep 9 6:56pm

I was diagnosed with OC in may, had 2 surgeries and started chemo-carbo/taxol on June 28. I have 10 down & 8 more to go, ending the end of Oct. I got my Genetic results back about 2 weeks ago. I had my team(nurse practitioner, & genetic counselor) to go […]

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