3 hours ago · @curecancernow · fever 37.3

woke feeling like truck hit me. my big day with family and animals from my fishing village had to be cancelled once i took temp - 37.3. hope to bring it down - blood draw tomorrow. found oysters, red meat and white beans - so hope eating all of this [...]

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7 hours ago · @susanmorgan · IP chemo

Hello wonderful people - this forum has been more than a resource but a comfort. I was dx in Nov, 2017 with OC3 and am about to undergo IP next week. I have built up this picture in my head that it will be very horrible. I have only had two [...]

Posted by @sherryann, 7 hours ago

I have had more platinum drugs since and my creatinine has crept up to 1.40. Not the best, but ok. […]

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2 hours ago · @aliceko · Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome - article

http://blog.thebreastcancersite.com/cs-pmps-info/ Interesting article, especially the attitude of med professionals. [...]

Posted by @debbiedil, 2 hours ago

In my health system, the oncologist seems to be the main play caller. Is it the same for you now? […]

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2 days ago · @allison20 · Skin rash from Perjeta

Hi- extremely itchy rash during treatment with Taxol/Perjeta ands Herceptin is not responding much to anything but a tapering steroid dose which did ease the itch. Steroid cream sort of helps when the itch flares. Bad on tops of hands and across upper back. Anyone have any tips? [...]

Posted by @aliceko, 2 days ago

Allison, good to hear that you are many years a survivor! To many more! […]

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Fri, Feb 9 5:01am · @pinkee · Sharing good news

To all my friends/sisters - thank you for the genuine caring and support you have sent my way for today's exam. While I’m early on with this illness being one year from diagnosis it was my 3rd scan which was clear, my CA 125 is holding steady at 9 and [...]

Posted by @pinkee, Fri, Feb 9 5:01am

Thank you so much for the well wishes! The positivity keeps us strong. Enjoy that champagne! I too will be toasting not only for me but for all of us here to have peace, faith and many days of feeling good,
Pinkee […]

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Wed, Feb 7 9:35am · @lfrank · 2 new webcasts on novel agents and new clinical trials for MBC

2 new webcasts on clinical trials for metastatic breast cancer have just been posted on the Dana Farber website. Dr Sara Tolaney discusses TNBC and Dr. Ian Krop discusses Her2 Positive breast cancer. Each video is about 20 minutes long and provides info specific clinical trials, new targeted agents, and [...]

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Fri, Feb 9 2:34pm · @lcondon · End of carboplattin for me

I was originally diagnosed in 2015 with 3C OC and prescribed the usual 18 weeks of carboplatin/taxol. I had to go to the hospital for the carboplatin desentization procedure once a month due to sensitivity to it and it worked. Had a nice 18month vacation from chemo and experienced my [...]

Posted by @kline, Fri, Feb 9 2:34pm

A river cruise sounds great. My husband would like a barge cruise through some of the French canals.
Kathy […]

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2 days ago · @snowgirl · Confusing thoughts

I'm wondering if anyone else is struggling with confusing thoughts with regards to their future. I was diagnosed with Stage IIC ovarian cancer last January and was initially treated with chemo. After only 4 months of treatment, my cancer returned and spread to my lymph nodes. Because my tumor was [...]

Posted by @invinovita, 2 days ago

Yes, I can relate. Your thoughts are not only justified, they're absolutely normal. You are not alone!
I realized I had advanced OC in late May of last year and was officially diagnosed Stage IIIc following an especially extensive debulking surgery in mid-June. I felt like I was in a movie […]

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Thu, Feb 8 1:17pm · @lucylorraine · Stage 3c ovarian cancer

I am a 73 yr. old receiving 6 taxol/carbo - treatments following a total hysterectomy. I have two of the six left. My CA-125 has gone down from 96 to 14. I was diagnosed with Stage 3c and had no spreading into the lymph nodes. I would like to know [...]

Posted by @kline, Thu, Feb 8 1:17pm

This is the website https://www.campdream.org/ . They started accepting application on the 6th, so good luck. Everyone goes on a waitlist initially.
Kathy […]

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2 days ago · @curecancernow · Need ideas/recommends for relocation to HOUSTON August 1, 2018

Hello New Family. I pretty much decided over the weekend that I will be moving from Taiwan to Houston when my teaching contract is up. August 1, 2018 will be my flight - I have to pay upfront and then get reimbursed after the fact - so Im looking at [...]

Posted by @curecancernow, 2 days ago

Retracting this post ladies. The problems I am having are communication – Chinese English. The things I posted above are not accurate – no delete button – so this disclaimer. […]

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Mon, Feb 5 7:17pm · @cat7847 · Nodules in Lung

Three months ago I had a scan and all was clean except some nodules appeared in both lungs. Doctor said don't worry because it could be inflammation. Because I have serious cancer I really did not believe him because I have a slight cough, pain between my shoulder blades and [...]

Posted by @kmereish, Mon, Feb 5 7:17pm

CT scan reveals the size and the shape of the nodule. The radiologist can only state “malignancy can’t be ruled out” to confirm that it is cancer, they like to take a biopsy and identify what type and subtype of lung cancer. There is also an approved FDA blood test […]

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Wed, Jan 31 5:57am · @aliceko · Tamoxifen & meds that interfere with its action

So, here I am searching as usual vs "just trust your doctors" and I find out that certain meds interfere with tamoxifen anti cancer effects. And I was on one of them! My oncologist never mentioned anything. I love her, she is great. Will be discussing with her when i [...]

Posted by @fighter42, Wed, Jan 31 5:57am

Hello,I have a client on our cleansing program ,he was diagnose a stage 2prostate problem […]

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2 days ago · @marionabel1 · Friend is having a partial mastectomy with no chemo and radiarion only

My 50 year old friend had a guided MRI and is set up for a partial mastectomy. She is triple positive grade 1 cells. The plan is to use radiation and no chemo. Has anyone had experience with this? Will she have drains? Will they do lymph node biopsies. Wondering [...]

Posted by @6sig2can5, 2 days ago

I also have a friend that didn't have radiation that was 14 years ago. Last year at 70, she had a recurrence (another early stage cancer). She had surgery, but did not have chemo/radiation. She hopes that she has another cancer-free 14 years. I hope she does, too. […]

Liked by Betsie, beglad28

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Tue, Jan 30 3:20pm · @luisa · From Dana-Farber: Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer—What to Know

From Dana-Farber: Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer — What You Should Know Many factors contribute to increased breast cancer risk for some women — including certain inherited genes. About 5 to 10 percent of breast cancer cases are thought to be hereditary, meaning that they are the direct result [...]

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Fri, Feb 9 1:58pm · @tlvanhorn · Started Chemo AGAIN

I started chemo again on Jan. 19th (almost 10 months after my last treatment on March 30). This time I am scheduled every 3 weeks instead of every week. I left the office with Neulasta - which I did not have the first time around. I was told that a [...]

Posted by @kline, Fri, Feb 9 1:58pm

When I wrote this I knew the shots were Neupogen, but my mine wouldn't remember that. […]

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